Essay Competition

Essay Competition



Deadline for Submission of Entries: 16th March, 2018


Essay Competition Guidelines

1. Participants must be indigenes of Akwa Ibom State, and students in tertiary institutions in Akwa Ibom State.

2. The proposed sustainable partnership initiatives amongst youth in your community of origin should be specific and implementable with NGN100, 000.

3. Entries must not exceed the stipulated word count. [Not less than 2,000 words and not more than 2,500 words]

4. The proposed initiative should not be limited to a business solution, it could be a social project in your community.

5. All Participants should like and follow ALERT NIGERIA Facebook page.

6. Participants having trouble submitting their essay on this portal should email it to


How You Will be Scored

FOCUS: The essay topic is clearly laid out | The essay stays within the topic parameters | The essay provides a clear and coherent introductory statement.

SYNTHESIS Each paragraph contains just one idea or concept | The idea addresses the essay question | There is a good link between paragraphs | There is balance and coherence in composition.

SOUNDNESS Depth of understanding of challenges | Adequacy of proposed solution | Accurate presentation of evidence.

ORIGINALITY The essay expresses idea not commonly found | The writer is creative in the presentation of the idea | The essay displays a lot of thought on behalf of the writer | The essay addresses the topic in a way that makes the reader think | The essay shows the ability of the writer to be inventive.

CLARITY OF STRUCTURE The essay has beginning (introduction), a middle (body), and an end (conclusion) | The essay follows a clear and logical progression.

MECHANICAL STRUCTURE Sentences are full and complete, and spellings are correct throughout | The essay has consistent verb tense, voice and third party usage.

SOURCE References are presented in line with specified format.

Concise Terms and Conditions for Participants

Please read these terms carefully before registering and submitting your essay.

1. All participating students will be required to provide means of identification from their institution (and herewith to present for confirmation purposes).

2. The participating student must have originality of content, devoid of plagiarism in all levels.

3. No copy or form of assistance from third parties should be engaged in putting together the essay materials.

4. Any participant that is unable to convince the panel about their identity and the originality of his/her essay contents is liable to lose prize.

5. ALERT Nigeria reserves the right to review the essay competition’s prizes.

6. ALERT Nigeria reserves the right to be indemnified in the publishing or use of the essay contents or intellectual property submitted by participants.

7. ALERT Nigeria has the right without reservation to material and ideas provided on our platform, and enjoy full rights to use content for promotional purposes and for programme development.

8. Participating students must be indigenes of Akwa Ibom State studying in in a tertiary institution in Akwa Ibom State.

9. Participant essay entries will be cancelled if found to contain inappropriate words or phrases in the content of their essay.

10. Participants must adhere strictly to the guidelines of the essay competition.

11. Any essay competition participant that tries to gain undue advantage in the process of essay assessment and evaluation will be disqualified from the programme.