CALL FOR ENTRIES: The ALERT Nigeria/IOLED Essay Competition 2018 First Quarter

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The ALERT Nigeria/IOLED Essay Competition 2018 First Quarter
January 16, 2018 alertng

The ALERT Nigeria/IOLED Essay Competition engages young indigenous Akwa Ibom students in critical thinking, enabling them to contribute their inherent potentials in proffering sustainable solutions to local problems in our communities. The portal for our 2018 First Quarter exercise is open.

The essay topic for this quarter emphasizes the need for partnerships amongst youths in driving business and social projects, which in turn will stimulate socioeconomic development of their community of origin.

The Essay topic is titled, “Stimulating Socio-economic Partnerships amongst Youth in My Community; My Take!”

Essay entries should discuss:
1. The importance of youth partnerships in socio-economic development of our society.

2. Methods for synergizing partnership potential between youths in order to stimulate growth and development.

3. Specific initiative(s) that one would deploy to stimulate partnership amongst young persons in their community for socio-economic development.

One also should;
1. Avoid one-off project approach such as a seminar, events, summit or other ideas that do not foster sustainability.

2. Leverage their skills, potentials and competencies as a tool to forge sustainable partnership with young persons in their community of origin.

3. Consider available resources in their local community in proffering socio-economic partnership initiatives amongst young persons.

4. Connect with other young people and have a deep understanding of their community and lastly,

5.Focus their initiative on your community of origin.

to register, and read through the essay guidelines, marking criteria. Please submit using our essay portal only.

For more information please use the details below:
Phone: 09023699084, 08029916391


  1. Maegi 1 year ago

    Your still thinking whether to write or not? don’t worry just start something, scribble something, before you realize, you might have gotten more than two thousand words.

    Good luck.

  2. Samuel Duff 1 year ago

    Just keep your eye on the topic always… Here is the trick, get a personal notebook, write alertnigeria on it… Go along with the notebook everywhere you go… While always thinking about the essay, just write what comes into your head about it.. That is what is called ‘critical thinking’. .Just do it and you may be shocked that the world will look for you with this single approach

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